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Here at the Sahana Soul Centre

our focus is on self-awareness healing for the mind-body and soul

  with an extensive programme of treatments, retreats, courses, and workshops

 designed to help us reconnect with yourself

 We live in busy times and it's easy to become disconnected from our true nature and our soul's purpose for life. Leaving us vulnerable to illness and disease

not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

 We can help you find ways to rebalance the mind, body & soul

helping you live life to your true potential in the joyful way you were meant to

Our healing treatments and programmes are as unique and individual as you are and offer the flexibility to accommodate your current lifestyle

  Relax and enjoy special time on your own or with friends to unwind and recharge with a variety of workshops and events designed for each individual to create a truly rejuvenating holistic experience.


You will gain a new perspective and a way forward which you never thought possible leaving you feeling relaxed, inspired and energised with the tools to continue your personal journey and find peace, clarity and inspiration.


We welcome you now to start your own personal transformational journey here at


The Sahana Soul Centre



Soul Awareness Healing A New Approach.

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